Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Who doesn't love shopping?
Yesterday I finally paid for a shirt I won in an ebay auction. And it's the one from Zara (I think it's from Zara, if not it's a great look-a-like) anyway, it looks a lot like the shirt Eleanor Calder wore at the KCA in 2012, or whenever it was :) But I can't wait to get it! I might do another Eleanor Calder get the look if I get more of her exacts or just some inspired or look-a-like pieces.

This month when I get paid, I'm gonna buy this gorgeous dress that I first saw on Kylie Jenner, and then found on a amazing website called which I also found out that sold lots of different Kylie pieces (not the exacts) And as a lover of her style, I fell in love with the website..

And as I wrote in my other post, I'm gonna try the Dr. Denim jeans. I found these low-rise jeans, which I think is the most comfortable jeans, so I thought I was gonna try these :) They're not expensive at all also, which is great! :)

Okay, you might think those red things look really weird, if you dont know what it is.. But it is actually a amazing invention! You suck it on your lips (sounds weird) and all your blood vessels or something like that get out in the lips, and makes your lips bigger! Just like botox! Just without the botox, haha :D I've watched and read a lot abou them, and they really work! So I thought I would try it too, since I have quite small lips. You can get them on ebay, amazing and etsy I think. Actually I'm buying mine on Amazon, even though I wrote Ebay in the picture.. Woops :)

I also included what I really want to buy if I have money enought after this, and after paying everything I owe to different people.. woops again. But if not this month, maybe next or even after longer time.. Just someday.. But it's a pair of ray-ban sunglasses in gold, a pair of "The Row 18 Linda Farrow" sunglasses which is probably the exacts Kylie Jenner has. Yes I do go after lots of exacts, but I can't control that celebs have all the cool stuff.. A pair of floral print vans, which I first found in Rome and LOOOVED them but didn't have enough money, a pair of black vans and a pair of Chelsea Boots, which I have been wanting for quite a long time now, I just always find them so expensive..

I might buy more stuff then that's on this list/picture since I can't show everything, but there will definitely be bought some LP's/Vinyls too :) Probably Ed Sheeran's "X" and Arctic Monkey "Am" .. :) Also just a last thing I am looking for, is a pair of tight velvet pants.. Saw them on Kylie Jenner some time ago, and they just look amazing!

Thanks for reading, if you did! haha xx

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Back To School Essentials

I've been requested to do a back to school video for youtube, but as I'm not going to school myself anymore, it would be really weird to go buy lots of stuff that I'm actually not gonna use for school (even though I'd love to do the shopping for clothes anyway). But I figured I could just make a post about it here instead, so I put together some pieces on Polyvore - I've got a link to my polyvore on the right side of the blog btw - and I'm just gonna write about it instead :)

So the first things I would go for, would be jackets. Especially if you live a place that is not warm all year around! My faves are a great leather jacket than you can wear all year round, a cowboy jacket and a quilted bomber jacket! It can of course be any kind of jacket you want, but those I just my favorites for a bit warmer weather and not winter. 

Dungarees/Other "statement pieces"
The second thing is something that is a bit more special, and not just your ordinary jeans or skirts. For this I've picked dungarees, as they are absolutely amazing, and can also be worn with thighs when it's beginning to get colder! It could also be something like kimonos (which I also LOOOVE!) or dip hem/high low/whatever you wanna call them skirts(Loooove).

The most important thing is probably as great pair of jeans! I would recommend Topshop, Asos, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle or any kind of brand like that for finding a great pair of jeans. I've also heard from my sister that Dr Denim makes some great pair of jeans, which I am definitely going to try out as I am looking for new jeans as well. 

Another important thing is the top. I personally wear a lot of shirts at school, but also love t-shirts. Normally I go for very neutral t-shirts, as they can go with almost everything! But tank tops or t-shirts with cool print is also a must-have, if I may say so! :) 

As for shoes I recommend buy a pair of sneakers at first, and when it gets colder a pair of really cool boots! I love boots, and I wish I could wear them all year 'round without it getting to hot around my feet! I would recommend a pair of vans or converse because I think those are the best sneakers ever! (Btw you can get the coolest vans ever with cats on! or my favorites with cool flower print on)

I think that if you wanna make your style more personal, a great thing is to have some good statement jewellery's or just small cute ones. You can find lots of different ones everywhere, but try if you want some more personalised pieces. :) 

For school you want something to carry your books and stuff in, so invest in a good quality backpack as it's the best bag for school. If you've got a shoulder bag it's gonna be really heavy on your shoulder after a while (Talking form experience hehe) I would personally pick a neutral bag and not anything totally crazy coloured, because the neutral ones would go with every outfit you pick everyday! 

At last

Phone covers
You're probably gonna have your phone on you all the time, so why not have the coolest cover? :D You can buy so many cool covers online, or even make your own as I have. We all know how important your phone is, so it should look cool too! This also counts for your laptop if you have on! :)

I hope this helped any of you! If you have any further questions just leave them in the comments! xx
I also have video up on my channel about Back To School Makeup. Here's a link!

Hello Everybody!

Hi everyone! I've created this blog as a addition if you can call it that, to my youtube channel (BellaStyle14). It's mostly because there's gonna be some times, where I won't have time to film, edit and upload a video but I'll almost always have time to do some kind of blog post!

On my blog is gonna be everything that I love - Fashion & style, makeup, life stuff, music and so on. But I'll mostly focus on the main part that my youtube is also about, which is the beauty and fashion stuff :)

I hope that you'll be interested in reading my blog! If you are, you can follow me with email, google+, blogger or whatever you like! :D You can always ask me anything in the comments below, or send me a mail!
All my information, and things about me is on one of the pages on the top of the page!

Thank you! xx