Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fall Beauty Products | Makeup

Since I chose to make a post about fall fashion and stuff, I feel like I needed to do one about the makeup too and skin products - which will be up next time! I don't think the fall makeup trends have changed since last year, so I'm kinda sticking to the same trends.

In the summer you don't want layers and layers of makeup on, because you'll just sweat it off, but now that it's getting colder, you can choose to have whatever makeup you want on. I personally like to use a not too thick foundation and pressed powder but it's up to you, that's why I didn't include any of that in the image above. 

I did include a blush and bronzer. I recommend changing to bit darker tones even though you might get paler in the fall/winter. I found this blush from Gorgeous Cosmetics on polyvore, and I actually really like the color of it. It's called Peach Glow and that's exactly what the color is. I can only imagine how great it'll look on! It will make you keep a glow to the face, just like you have in summer. 

As for the bronzer I'm not completely sure if you should go darker or lighter with the color, because it may look kinda dumb if you're really pale, and wearing a dark bronzer, so please just keep it after your skin tone if. Just pick whatever looks best on you. 

For the lips, we all know that dark lipsticks are the ultimative fall trend. I personally love dark lipsticks and have a few myself. I would recommend lipsticks from Topshop if you're on a budget, but you can find something much more pricy if you want! H&M actually also makes some okay lipsticks. I picked these 3 from Topshop to show you, and just give an example of what I mean with dark lipsticks. Also you don't need to go all dark, it could also just be a gorgeous red color! Just go bold if you dare! :D

What I love most about fall and winter, is the color of my nails! Fall colors are already my favorites, like burgundy, black and dark colors like that. My favorite nail polish is actually a berry color from Gosh, and Tanya Burr's "New York Night". I think it's an amazing color, and so fall'ish! And of course matte nail polish rocks!

For the eyes I personally just like to have a matte brown eyeshadow look, and I think the Naked Palette 2 has some great colors for that! You can also buy some small cheaper palettes from like Maybelline or something, but I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows! Of course, everything is up to you! haha :)


Friday, 29 August 2014

Sweater Weather Doesn't Mean You Have to Wear Sweaters

Yaay! It's finally (almost) boot and sweater season! Which is my favorite fashion time of the year, mostly because of the colors but also because I love boots, and cozy clothes! 

The leaves are soon gonna fall off the tree's and and rain might fall a few times, but it doesn't really matter, because it's gonna look beautiful! Just like we're all gonna do as our new fall wardrobe comes out! 

I made 4 different outfits on polyvore featuring some of my fave fall pieces (forgot the flannels, and shirts though) but a pair of nice tight black jeans, boots, sweaters, kimonos, tank tops, leather jackets, collars and cool jewellery, and of course a pair of sunglasses because the sun might not shine everyday, but you gotta look cool even when it doesn't :)

- I think that, if you are looking for a great pair of boots, I would obviously recommend spending your money on a good pair of quality boots as Doc Martens. They might be a bit expensive, but they're also gonna be your best friends for a lot of years + you can even use them all year 'round! I bought mine last year I think, and I have loved them sooo much! Best investment ever!

Also I think hats are really cool this year! You may or may not have bought one this summer, as we have seen lots of people using them this summer I think. I actually bought one from H&M the other day really cheap, and it looks amazing! I'm sure that they're gonna be used just as much for fall as people did in summer, if not, I don't care because I will use it no matter what! (Unless it's very windy)

Kimono's are also very in' this year, especially kimono's with flower print. When I were in Crete earlier this year, I found the most amazing long kimono I have ever seen, but I wasn't able to buy it, and the clothing store was called something stupid like "online clothing" or something (can't remember) so I wasn't even able to google it either! - I have tried though. But you can get these kimonos almost everywhere now, so it shouldn't be a problem to find one just as pretty.

Last but not least... Collars... Just as last year I am definitely  going to layer up with a collared shirt and a sweater on top. I think it looks so amazing, especially peter pan collars! It's the best way to dress up a normal boring sweater!

And leather jackets! I am still looking for the perfect leather jacket, and haven't had any luck! But I hope that I'll find one this year, or I'll just keep using my cowboy jacket instead.. If you know where they sell great quality, not too expensive and cool leather jackets, PLEASE let me know! :D
Thank you! 


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Natural Hair Mask and Face Scrub | With Things From The Kitchen

Hi everyone!
These last days I have been trying out a few natural things since I'm trying to take care of myself, especially my hair because it's terrible and really damaged, and I really don't want to cut it all off.
So I googled on the internet some easy hair masks that you can do at home, and I came across one that includes using just 3 things that I'm sure we all have in our kitchen!
It's a hair mask that makes your hair really soft, but also it has lots of nutrients.

The ingredients is:

  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • Honey
Every ingredient does something different for your hair. 
I  just mixed it all in a bowl and put it in my hair from root to end, and then used a showercap. 
I couldn't figure out how long you were supposed to have it in since it changed from website to website, some places they said 90 minutes, then other places 15 minutes. So I had it in for a bit over 15 minutes. 

When I washed it out my hair felt so incredibly soft, especially at the top, as it isn't as damaged as the tips of my hair, so if you have kinda healthy hair all over, you're gonna have amazing hair after using this!

For the facial 'scrub'
My best friend actually teached me this, as she learned it from the internet too (what would we do without internet). I have checked it out too and found that there is lots of different ways to do this, but the way we do it might be the easiest. It is kinda a facial scrub, that scrubs off death skin and stuff, but also gives c-vitamin to the skin and lots of other good things.

  • Lemon (juice)
  • Sea Salt
That's it! Just put the salt on a cottonball and add lemon juice after, then just gently scrub it around your face avoiding eye and lip area. You can do this when you want, or you can do it every night. I promise you, you'll see a difference on your skin!
Please make sure you're not allergic or your skin is too sensitive, before trying this on your whole face!

Also, dont use it too often and be sure to have washed it all of before going out in the sun, as it can be very damaging for your skin. Sleeping with it is the best solution! :) 

I hope you'll try at least one of these methods! :D 


Saturday, 16 August 2014

DIY Ombre Hair (Extensions)

Since I've gone short and back to my ombre, I kinda missed having long hair.. Or actually I've almost always wished that! But a few years ago I bought these extensions, then changed my hair color to blonde and lots of other things so I didn't really need them anymore and I sold them to my best friend because her hair color matched perfectly, but then a few days ago I got to buy them back because my friend has growed out long beautiful hair and doesn't need these anymore.. And if I was going to use them, they had to match my hair color of course, or else it looked prettyyyyy damn stupid! :)

What I did:
I bought a pack of ombre from L'oréal, which you can get in 3 different blondes, or a red. I picked the darkest blonde because I thought that would match my real ombre best (It could have been a bit lighter but it doesn't really matter)

What I did was just lay out all the extensions each my each and then just start from where I wanted the ombre to be, and just brush the bleach through with the small brush that follows in the package. It then says on the package to leave for 25-45 minutes, even though they didn't pick it up as fast as normally I think, so it took me around an hour. (It does also say on the package it shouldn't be used for more than 45 minutes, but I think it might be different with extensions? Don't know, but there didn't happen anything special, they just got bleached a tiny bit more I think.

I then washed it out, used my Kiehls Shampoo and a purple color bomb because I thought I would try to make the color a bit cooler, which didn't even make a difference at all haha :) I then brushed it through at layed it out to air dry over night piece by piece (not in the clump as in the picture) 
And this morning it looked like the last pictures! :) 

I would recommend if you're doing blonde ombre, buy a pair of blonde extensions and color the top with brown color instead. It won't damage the hair as much! 

Here's pictures of everything :) 

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

New In | Zoeva Makeup Brushes & Zara Shirt

Finally got my two packages! But I don't have anymore money for the rest of them month though..
I've ordered the Zoeva brushes as I've heard Zoella (Zoe Sugg) talk about them and show them in her videos, and I just fell in love with them! Just the fact that they're rose gold AND amazing quality! + when you buy them you actually get a really cool makeup purse or clutch, or whatever you wanna use it for, with it! What more can you ask for?! They are kinda expensive though, but I think that it's a fair price because you get 8 brushes, and they're good quality, and will probably last for almost the rest of my life.. If you take good care of them of course.

The price for the rose gold is 48 EUR, and then comes the shipping with changes from where you live I think.
It's a German company and they're actually really cool! Just all the details, and as they wrote themselves that "they feel responsible for women that suffers from abuse and hair loss because of chemotherapy" and wants to make all women feel beautiful, I just feel like they're even better than just a normal makeup company.

I am definitely going to buy more from their website when I get some money again, because I know it's good quality now! :)

Also, you might wonder why there's a picture of Eleanor Calder? Well, I bought a shirt on Ebay that looks really close to the one she's wearing here, mine is just from Zara and has some stones on the edge just above the boobs.. or what I am supposed to call it haha. I would have put up pictures of mine, but it was so curly and didn't look very good before it's been washed or ironed. So I thought it might be better with just this picture! :)

Can't remember the price, but around 20€. I often buy things off Ebay from auctions or just companies. They actually have some pretty good and cheap stuff!


Monday, 4 August 2014

Back To School | Eleanor Calder Inspired

I've filmed a video today, finally! It's a back to school outfit and makeup tutorial inspired by Eleanor Calder, and if you don't know who she is - she is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's girlfriend, and she is absolutely gorgeous and has an amazing style! - So instead of just an ordinary Get The Look video as I have lots of, I thought I would do it as a back to school video, as a lot of people are starting school now. The best thing is I got to be Eleanor for a few hours haha.
The quality of these pic's are terrible.. It's really hard to focus with the camera, when you're alone about it, and can't check it its focused when you're standing far away.. ugh..

But here's a few pictures, and CLICK HERE to watch the video!

Amazing picture quality! I know..

Friday, 1 August 2014

July's Top 5 Summer Beauty Picks

Hi everyone! It's finally August, so instead of me doing a "July Favorites" video where I usually always include the same stuff as all other months because when I find something I like, I stick to it for a really long time and it's my favorite in a long time..

So I've picked out my 5 most used makeup items this month. It has been a really warm summer in Denmark this year, and at my work where I have been most of the time, we don't have an aircondition so it's been even hotter in the store 'Ugh.. So it has been a challenge to have some makeup on that would stay through the heat, and that's what all these has done!

I wanna start with the Mac Mineral Foundation. I always like to use powder foundations/mineral foundations in the summer as it's not that heavy on the skin, and your skin gets to breathe, also it makes your skin matte for a while. I'm normally more into the brand "BareMinerals" but my foundation from there is too dark as I bought it the time I had a really nice tan.. Long time ago!

The best concealer I've ever tried might just be the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. The bad thing about this, is that the color that fits most people is sold out everywhere! So I have this in the lightest color as I thought I would just use it as a highlighter (And sometimes under my eyes) Im just sad I can't use it for more than that without looking dumb, because it's really good and it stays on for a really long time!

Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner is the best eyeliner I've ever tried, and yeah I've tried a lot. I'm a bit of a eyeliner-addict. Most eyeliners like this, dries out after about 2 weeks, but I've had this for months now and it still works wonders! When I was still in school I always came home with eyeliner and mascara under my eyes because when I smile it kinda hits under my eyes somehow, and when I laugh a lot, as I did at my old school (not joking) I begin to get teary eyed. We might all do that sometimes? But I did it a lot, so I've had to change all my eye makeup to waterproof haha :D At that time I used a Rimmel London or Maybelline eyeliner, and they just didn't work good enough. But after I've changed I've had no troubles with makeup underneath my eyes!

As for the mascara, I've always had problems with my eyelashes, because they really like to just lay straight down, so I always curl them for a really long time, and use waterproof mascara because it holds them up for a longer time. Even though I've always did that, they always laid down flat throughout the day, UNTIL I found the CoverGirl LashBlastVolume mascara! My eyelashes stay fabulous all day, and it's absolutely amazing!

The last thing on my list is the Gosh Lipliner in the color "Nougat Crisp". I was looking for a lip color that looked a bit like Kylie Jenner's, nice and natural, and so I found this lip liner, as I couldn't really find a lipstick, and I'm normally not much of a lipstick person. The lipliner is just as good as using a lipstick though, but it would be even better if I could find a lipstick in the matching color, but by now, I'm only using the lipliner and some lip balm.

What is your favorite summer beauty picks? Leave them in a comment below! :D xx