Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Hello Everybody!

Hi everyone! I've created this blog as a addition if you can call it that, to my youtube channel (BellaStyle14). It's mostly because there's gonna be some times, where I won't have time to film, edit and upload a video but I'll almost always have time to do some kind of blog post!

On my blog is gonna be everything that I love - Fashion & style, makeup, life stuff, music and so on. But I'll mostly focus on the main part that my youtube is also about, which is the beauty and fashion stuff :)

I hope that you'll be interested in reading my blog! If you are, you can follow me with email, google+, blogger or whatever you like! :D You can always ask me anything in the comments below, or send me a mail!
All my information, and things about me is on one of the pages on the top of the page!

Thank you! xx

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