Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tattoos, Lipstick, Lipliners etc.| BornPrettyStore Review

I thought I would do a small blogpost review of some items I got from

They are already featured in tomorrows video (30. Jan. '15) but it's not that detailed.

I was contacted again a few months ago by bornprettystore as I have already made another review from them a while ago, which is also where some of my most used makeup brushes is from, and since I love them I thought I would try out some more things from them.

I gotta say the quality of their products have improved since last time! So they're even better now than then.

I was surprised of the packaging of the products even though its not really what should count, but I really like it and it looked a bit more special than normal cheap Chinese products.

The lipstick and lipliners are so pigmented and truly stay on the lips for a long time!
The highlighter is so subtle but beautiful, and can also be used for so many other things! I came in another color also, but I think this was the best for highlighting.

And the tattoos are okay. They do not stay on for the longest while, but they look good I personally think. And I love their designs! So if you just wanna dress up with them for a few hours, then go for it. But don't think they'll be pretty after 12 hours.

BornPrettyStore Tattoos:

BornPrettyStore Highlighter:

BornPrettyStore Lipliners

BornPrettyStore Lipstick:

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Weekly Find // Fashion Union Boots

This week's "weekly find" has got to be these boots from Fashion Union, yeah a pair of boots again, I'm sorry! 
Now, I'm am CRAZY about "Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots" as they're called on Polyvore, but then I came across these when I went sale hunting on different clothing sites and I had to buy them because they remind me so much of the others! There were also another pair that looked like the others, but these were just cooler haha.

They were so cheap when I bought them because of the sale, so I'm not sure what the price is now. But I gotta say, I'm really happy with them and can't wait to wear them some more when it's not frickin' cold outside!


Monday, 12 January 2015

BFF Photoshoot

 My best friend Camilla and me (Some of you probably know her from instagram or some of my older videos which are private hehehe) had our own small photoshoot the other day, because who doesn't love photoshoot? We took like 500 stupid or crazy pictures, but also a few quite good ones haha. Here's our favorite selection! :) 
I don't actually know what I am gonna use them for, other than putting some on instagram.

What do you think about the pictures? :D

You can follow both our insta's here:


Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Enkel | Changing Fashion

I got contacted a few months ago by a company that wanted to start up a new brand called "Enkel" and she told me about what it was about, because it's not just like any other normal clothing brand. 

I'm not gonna sit and re-write everything so please go read about it here and also donate if you have any money, at least just the lowest amount rather than nothing! It's really a brand I stand 100% behind. They deserve to start up and change fashion!


Monday, 5 January 2015

Weekly Find // H&M Boots

Hi everyone! I'm a loyal follower of Florencia aka "Flo Loves Clothes" aka and I saw that she has started something on her blog with a weekly pick, and I don't wanna be a wannabe or copy her, but I thought it was a really good idea and also a great reason to put up at least 1 post a week, because I often don't know what to post. 

So I'm gonna start out 2015 with trying to do my personal weekly pick!

This week I chose H&M's YSL look-alike boots, and personally I almost like these better than the YSL ones, even though it wouldn't be bad to have a real pair!..

They look a bit cheaper (of course it H&M) but I think they're really good quality for the price! They're about 35£ I think, at least they are in Denmark! :)

Here's also a few looks I created with the boots: