Monday, 21 December 2015

DonaLoveHair DipDye Extensions GIVEAWAY

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The winner will be contacted within' 1 or 2 days after the giveaway as ended. Remember to have parents permission if you're under 18, as I'll have to get your address if you win!


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Birthday Wishes

As some of you may know, it's my 18th birthday next month! I've decided to show you my very small wishlist, as the thing I need the most right now is probably money.. Anyway, my biggest wish this year is actually a watch, as I've never really had a good watch - other than one from American Apparel, but its gold, and the rest of my jewellery isn't gold! - So this year I've really been looking all around for a nice watch and found lots I've really liked, but it wasn't until recently I came across one from Michael Kors in rosegold and I just fell in love! I'm actually not 100% sure if its the one that I have on the picture, as it looks a bit different on the picture, but it looks a lot like it!

It's quite expensive, but aren't all good watches?!

I also decided to put 2 lipliners on from MAC, because I've been wanting them almost all year, but they've been sold out every time I went looking for them!

And last but not least, I really want a good contour palette preferably with highlighters in it too!

I've decided to give myself a birthday present on my birthday too, as I've been wanting this for a reaaaaally long time! Tattoos! I'm so excited, they've been planned for years!


Monday, 9 November 2015

Boots in Black

Hey everyone! It's been so long since I've made a blog post!

It's no lie that I'm a massive boot fan! You might not know it since you haven't met me, but if I had the money I could fill a room with boots! I've tried to pick out my absolute favorites on Polyvore. I love chelsea boots, sadly enough I don't own a pair myself since it's so hard to just find the originals in soft leather and flat heel! And everytime I finally do, I can't afford them.. But I am a sucker for chelsea boots with different and more uniqe designs too, especially mixed with my other kind of favorite shoes - brogues/oxfords.

Of course I'm also a very very big fan of high knee boots, but it wouldn't really fit in my layout of the other boots now wouldn't it! haha, but I do love them!

If you want to see the prices and websites each of the boots are from, you can go to the link from Polyvore by clicking here


Monday, 1 June 2015

Prom Dresses | Fame&Partners

Recently I came across this website by watching a youtube video where I fell in love with the prettiest dress ever! I found the website and fell in love over and over again because of all their dresses! If you're in need of a prom dress or any other event dress, this is the place to look!

They have all kinds of dresses just for your style, shape and size! And they're all too gorgeous to be true!

Unfortunately we don't have prom in Denmark, but I'll hopefully get invited to something as important as that someday, so that I have a reason to look amazing in one of those dresses..

I picked out a few of my favorites, if you wanted to see that.. haha

I absolutley CAN'T with that first red dress!! Its amazing :D


Friday, 1 May 2015

Summer Essentials

I thought it was time to share some of my favorite items for summer this year!

Lets start from the top.. Sunglasses are a must all year around though, but I thought I would show you my fave kinds of sunglasses if you needed some inspiration. Sunglasses are to be picked from your faceshape though, so go google or try some different shades to find some that flatters your faceshape the most! I personally love my Rayban Aviators or Rayban's round ones which I have no idea what are called, BUT I also love cateye sunglasses! I'm the biggest sunglass addict and could keep buying more if I had the money, but those are my faves right now!

My fave kind of bags this summer is backpacks, I've honestly always hated wearing backpacks in the city and stuff because I didnt wanna be seen as just another school girl, but I've realized you can get some pretty awesome backpacks, and they fit right into the coachella/summer style with fringes! I'm still trying to find the perfect black leather backpack, but I'm 100% gonna get one this year!

For jewellery this year I love those double or more chain necklaces. You can either buy them like that or you can just mix and match different lenghts of your necklaces. I also really love big chunky necklaces!

This year I've fallen in love with coats, wether its winter, spring, summer coats I love them. You can get some really nice thin summer coats that will keep you warm but not too warm. Bomber jackets and cowboy jackets are also really nice, and of course a leather jacket. You can use that all year round!

Shorts are of course a must this summer, as any other summer. I personally like high waisted shorts a lot, as they just really give a nice body shape. I'm not a big fan of skirts as its often really windy in Denmark, but skater skirts are my faves if I need a skirt.

If you need new sandals or "summer shoes", Birkenstock is definitely the ones to pick. They're not only comfy, they're also very in fashion even though it looks like grandma shoes hehe. Normal sandals and vans/low top converse are also great for summer!

For shirts this year, I love those hippie kinda flowy shirts or with fringes, but you can never go wrong with a tank top or crop top.

Find a cute summer dress! You can never go wrong with a nice dress or if you're more to shorts/pants just go for a jumpsuit or playsuit! I recently bought one from H&M which I featured in the picture, and I LOVE it! I was fringes down the sleeves and its so beautiful!

At last, kimonos are a great alternative for normal cardigans, and so much lighter if its too hot to wear a cardigan! You can get so many different kinds, I know New Look has some great ones!

Here's a link to the polyvore post so you can see where all the items are from:


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Turquoise Dip Dye Hair

So here's the journey of how I got blue/turquoise hair if anyone of you want it.

About a week ago I decided I finally wanted to go grey ombre so I bleached the ends one more time to get it more white (already had ombre). It turned out white, but there was still a lot of orange/yellow colors, even though I toned it with Directions Silver toner + sat an hour with purple shampoo, also known as silver shampoo from Dennis Knudsen.

For the blue color I used Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme in Turquoise, applied it on towel dry hair and sat with it for about 15-25 min I think, even thought it says 15 min. on the package.

It colored everything that was really blonde/white/silver a bright blue color, and the more yellow pats a bit green.

If you have any questions, just ask them in the comments below!


Saturday, 21 March 2015

Leather Jackets

This year (or was it last?) I finally found me a great leather jacket, as I just had a bad fit, cheap, fake leather jacket from H&M before. It is actually the first one I included in the picture with peplum, and it's from Topshop to a pretty cheap price. It is still fake leather though, but I'm totally fine with that.

I thought I would collect all my fave leather jackets to very different prices, if you're on the hunt for a perfect leather jacket. 2 of the prices is in pounds, yes I know. I don't know what the US price for them is, I just go out from Polyvore's prices, so it may not be the exact price.

From jacket 1, from the top left it is Topshop, Burberry, Sheinside, All Saints, River Island, Mulberry.

I personally think All Saints have the prettiest leather jackets, but I love the Burberry one (Which I was so close to get once, and it still haunts me.. Can't believe I missed the chance)

Sadly I didn't include one of my all-time favorites which is from All Saints, but if you follow my polyvore, you'll notice I use it quite often. When I get the money I'll definitely buy it!


Monday, 16 March 2015

Blush, Palette & Lashes | BornPrettyStore Review

Here I am again writing a review.. I gotta stop saying yes to so many companies haha I'm sorry. But I did say yes this time because I've had some quite okay experiences from BornPrettyStore, which was also the first company ever to contact me I think. But ever since then, they're products have gotten better and better! Even though its still some cheap things.
I picked out 3 items this time, an eyeshadow palette with some kinda natural, but not all natural colors, a pink blush, and some gorgeous fake lashes!

I did some swaps to show off the colors without primer so it'll obviously give more color if you use them with a primer. As for the blush I think it's a pretty pink color, not too bright, which is perfect! I'm not sure how long it'll stay on though. It could be 1 min, or it could be 12 hours. But what blushes stay on for that long?

I haven't tested the lashes yet, but I'll make sure to wear them in my video about the products. (Which is coming up soon)

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the products, and the price is too cheap to even care for!

I also have a coupon code with 10% off: BSK31

I'll leave the links to each product here:

Eyeshadow palette
Blush in color #4
False Lashes


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Enkel Basics

I've written about Enkel before, but as they're really close to the starting date of opening up, I thought I would write another blog post about them. I'm not gonna get all deep into what the brand is about, but it is really just a good eco-friendly brand making nice quality cotton t-shirts in a better way than ex. H&M. It is an amazing idea and brand, and I'm so happy someone is finally starting something like that up! 

You can join their mailing list right now to be the first to know when they're "open". You can also get free t-shirts by sending the link to your friends!

I've got the opportunity to control their tumblr blog, so if you go follow that I'll follow you back! Also send out the brand and website to all you know and help them grow big, as its a brand that really deserves it!


Monday, 2 March 2015

Weekly Find // Fedora

This weekly find (missed last week, ups) is the fedora/hat. It's not really a new thing, but I've recently started wearing mine - which is the one form H&M - a lot more! I feel like it makes every outfit a hundred times better! I've collected my favorite fedoras from Polyvore from very different price ranges from Rag & Bone which is the most expensive one to H&M which is so inexpensive and looks so nice in real life! The quality is better than what you pay for, but if you want to invest in a really quality fedora, I would recommend one of the two others. I love the Nordstrom one!

If you follow my instagram or watch my videos I am also wearing the hat a lot.


Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fitbay - Discover Clothes That Fit | App

A few months ago I read a post somewhere about Fitbay. I read it and got the app, signed up and didn't really understand much of it so I kinda forgot about it.
A while after I got contacted by the company so I had to figure out a bit more about the app of course, and it turns out it's actually a amazing app if you have problems finding clothes that fit your body type, which a lot of girls have trouble with.

What it does it simply recommending and you can yourself find girls with same bodytype as you. All you have to do is sign up, choose how your body looks and it'll recommend a few body doubles. You can then like items you want to buy (or just like) and you can upload your own pictures of clothing you have and find them on the internet directly through the app, to show your body doubles who are following you, what you think fits your body really great, and what doesn't.

It's kinda addictive and you can easily use hours on it, so be careful haha!

You can follow me on there too!:
And here's a link for the website:


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Big Lips - Kylie Jenner Lips

It might be one of the most talked about subjects last year (and this year) if Kylie Jenner have had lip injections. I personally deny it, and here's why.

We've seen her "without" makeup, which makes people 100% sure that its fake, and yeah it is fake. But it's not injections. It would look so different if she's had injections but this looks more natural. That's why I'm more sure that she uses a lip plumper to make her lips bigger + a lot of lip liner, which I've also proven a bit in one of my tutorials which I'll link to here.

But I recently ordered a lip plumper over Ebay which sucks your lips, and sucks all the blood out into the lips which makes them bigger. If you try that out + lipliner done right, you'll get really close to Kylies lips! Of course not exactly, as we all have different lips but really close! 

I am so tired of people arguing over Kylie and everything she does, so I just wanted to set at least one thing straight, its not injections or botox. She's 17 come on.. And makeup is a wonderful thing. 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Dip-Dye Extensions | VpFashion Review

I got in touch with VpFashion a while ago, and together we came on the idea of trying out these really personalised extensions, which are pretty much the same as the ones Kylie Jenner came out with at Bellamihair. The price range are just different! Now, I don't know how the quality is of the Bellami ones, but I bet it's amazing since they're pretty expensive. But you can get just as fine of a quality and even more personalised extensions from Vpfashion for less money.

I'm just gonna point out that the service is amazing, and they're so kind! 

Anyway! I got the extensions after a while of planning them out, I just had one problem.. The color starts underneath my hair.. So I'm somehow gotta have to get the blue color up longer, because I'm not gonna color all my hair black just to match them.. But other than that I love the color, and it was exactly the color I wanted which is amazing! 
You do get extra clips in the package if something should happen. 

VpFashion do have ordinary colors if that's what you're looking for, and it's easy to find your suitable color on their website! If not, just contact them and you'll get the help needed! But if you do have all purple hair or blue hair with green highlights, (I don't know) you can get them you want it, and that is what I love about them! 

these were the ones I picked, and then got the color a tiny bit different, and in 18 inches. 

I'm also gonna put up a video about them whenever I get my hair color matched! I'm so excited to do that!


Monday, 2 February 2015

Weekly Find // Fake Cartier Bracelets

I think we all kinda know what the cartier bracelets is now, and they're like some of the prettiest and most expensive bracelets ever. But I was lucky enough to find the coolest jewellery shop online over instagram, where they even sell some fake lookalike bracelets in rosegold, gold and silver! With and without crystals! And a lot of other cool stuff than just those!

They are currently having a sale, so I thought I would buy 1 silver bracelet, and I'm still waiting on it to arrive. I didn't want to buy more than one since I wanna try it out first. I can never really be sure of the size because I have really small thin wrists, but I hope it fits! And if it does, I am gonna order more! haha

Here's the link to the bracelets:


Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tattoos, Lipstick, Lipliners etc.| BornPrettyStore Review

I thought I would do a small blogpost review of some items I got from

They are already featured in tomorrows video (30. Jan. '15) but it's not that detailed.

I was contacted again a few months ago by bornprettystore as I have already made another review from them a while ago, which is also where some of my most used makeup brushes is from, and since I love them I thought I would try out some more things from them.

I gotta say the quality of their products have improved since last time! So they're even better now than then.

I was surprised of the packaging of the products even though its not really what should count, but I really like it and it looked a bit more special than normal cheap Chinese products.

The lipstick and lipliners are so pigmented and truly stay on the lips for a long time!
The highlighter is so subtle but beautiful, and can also be used for so many other things! I came in another color also, but I think this was the best for highlighting.

And the tattoos are okay. They do not stay on for the longest while, but they look good I personally think. And I love their designs! So if you just wanna dress up with them for a few hours, then go for it. But don't think they'll be pretty after 12 hours.

BornPrettyStore Tattoos:

BornPrettyStore Highlighter:

BornPrettyStore Lipliners

BornPrettyStore Lipstick:

Get 10% Off with discount code: BSK31


Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Weekly Find // Fashion Union Boots

This week's "weekly find" has got to be these boots from Fashion Union, yeah a pair of boots again, I'm sorry! 
Now, I'm am CRAZY about "Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots" as they're called on Polyvore, but then I came across these when I went sale hunting on different clothing sites and I had to buy them because they remind me so much of the others! There were also another pair that looked like the others, but these were just cooler haha.

They were so cheap when I bought them because of the sale, so I'm not sure what the price is now. But I gotta say, I'm really happy with them and can't wait to wear them some more when it's not frickin' cold outside!


Monday, 12 January 2015

BFF Photoshoot

 My best friend Camilla and me (Some of you probably know her from instagram or some of my older videos which are private hehehe) had our own small photoshoot the other day, because who doesn't love photoshoot? We took like 500 stupid or crazy pictures, but also a few quite good ones haha. Here's our favorite selection! :) 
I don't actually know what I am gonna use them for, other than putting some on instagram.

What do you think about the pictures? :D

You can follow both our insta's here: