Friday, 1 May 2015

Summer Essentials

I thought it was time to share some of my favorite items for summer this year!

Lets start from the top.. Sunglasses are a must all year around though, but I thought I would show you my fave kinds of sunglasses if you needed some inspiration. Sunglasses are to be picked from your faceshape though, so go google or try some different shades to find some that flatters your faceshape the most! I personally love my Rayban Aviators or Rayban's round ones which I have no idea what are called, BUT I also love cateye sunglasses! I'm the biggest sunglass addict and could keep buying more if I had the money, but those are my faves right now!

My fave kind of bags this summer is backpacks, I've honestly always hated wearing backpacks in the city and stuff because I didnt wanna be seen as just another school girl, but I've realized you can get some pretty awesome backpacks, and they fit right into the coachella/summer style with fringes! I'm still trying to find the perfect black leather backpack, but I'm 100% gonna get one this year!

For jewellery this year I love those double or more chain necklaces. You can either buy them like that or you can just mix and match different lenghts of your necklaces. I also really love big chunky necklaces!

This year I've fallen in love with coats, wether its winter, spring, summer coats I love them. You can get some really nice thin summer coats that will keep you warm but not too warm. Bomber jackets and cowboy jackets are also really nice, and of course a leather jacket. You can use that all year round!

Shorts are of course a must this summer, as any other summer. I personally like high waisted shorts a lot, as they just really give a nice body shape. I'm not a big fan of skirts as its often really windy in Denmark, but skater skirts are my faves if I need a skirt.

If you need new sandals or "summer shoes", Birkenstock is definitely the ones to pick. They're not only comfy, they're also very in fashion even though it looks like grandma shoes hehe. Normal sandals and vans/low top converse are also great for summer!

For shirts this year, I love those hippie kinda flowy shirts or with fringes, but you can never go wrong with a tank top or crop top.

Find a cute summer dress! You can never go wrong with a nice dress or if you're more to shorts/pants just go for a jumpsuit or playsuit! I recently bought one from H&M which I featured in the picture, and I LOVE it! I was fringes down the sleeves and its so beautiful!

At last, kimonos are a great alternative for normal cardigans, and so much lighter if its too hot to wear a cardigan! You can get so many different kinds, I know New Look has some great ones!

Here's a link to the polyvore post so you can see where all the items are from:


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