Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Birthday Wishes

As some of you may know, it's my 18th birthday next month! I've decided to show you my very small wishlist, as the thing I need the most right now is probably money.. Anyway, my biggest wish this year is actually a watch, as I've never really had a good watch - other than one from American Apparel, but its gold, and the rest of my jewellery isn't gold! - So this year I've really been looking all around for a nice watch and found lots I've really liked, but it wasn't until recently I came across one from Michael Kors in rosegold and I just fell in love! I'm actually not 100% sure if its the one that I have on the picture, as it looks a bit different on the picture, but it looks a lot like it!

It's quite expensive, but aren't all good watches?!

I also decided to put 2 lipliners on from MAC, because I've been wanting them almost all year, but they've been sold out every time I went looking for them!

And last but not least, I really want a good contour palette preferably with highlighters in it too!

I've decided to give myself a birthday present on my birthday too, as I've been wanting this for a reaaaaally long time! Tattoos! I'm so excited, they've been planned for years!


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