Saturday, 27 September 2014

Room Decor & Organizing

Great way to store your records! :D

Cute way to store nail polish!

This isn't even all my sunglasses 

Wow, that ONE oxford brogue shoe standing behind the other is like the most annoying thing ever! XD
Also I think I might have almost the same shoe collection as Eleanor Calder haha

Don't mind me and Louis. 

A while ago I got really tired of my pink walls which I had on the wall on the side of my bed, and on the wall where my clothing rack is standing. You know this if you've seen my videos :)

Well, I decided I wanted white walls, all classic and clean because I felt like it made my room look so dark and messy for some reason, with colored walls. So while I have been sick this week (still am though) I gathered just enough power after a few days lying in bed, just get up - and paint my walls. It took a few hours though because I had to take a lot of breaks because it was really exhausting, and I had to blow my nose all the time haha :)

I did that, and then I threw out some stuff, and organized a lot more of all my stuff (of what I could, because I haven't been out buying boxes, shelves or anything) I just used what I had at home, and made something good out of it. 

I like my room much more now, it's more my style and much more classic and clean! I just feel like I need something to make it seem more 'warmer', and also I need something above my bed other than the fairy lights. (I would love to have more fairy lights thought) 

I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. You can also follow me there! 

Also here's a link to what my bedroom looked like before! - Kinda.. I'd changed it a bit since making that video. (link opens in a new window btw)


  1. I really like your bedroom! It's cute and looks very clean :)

    1. Thank you, it's a bit different now though :) xx