Thursday, 6 November 2014

Makeup Brushes & Bear Hoodie | Review

As you probably can tell, I am the biggest makeup brush enthusiast/addict. I have this thing where I just want more and more makeup brushes, but I don't really have space for it, or the need. Especially not after I've bought my Zoeva makeup brushes. (LOVE THEM)

But I got contacted a while ago of which is a website that sells everything. (of fashion, jewellery and so on) and they asked me to do a review of things I picked out myself of course. And I thought I wanted to try and see if these really cheap makeup brushes was better than you would think, or if they we're just really bad. And then I also found the bear hoodie-thing, which is adorable!

Unfortunately the hoodie is only in one size, but I thought I would roll with it and hope that I could fit it. It's okay in the size, but it's a bit too small.. I can wear it, but it's not like in the picture. (It just really isn't the same as the picture no matter what, but it never really is on those asian sites)

I won't be wearing it out, but I will be wearing it at home when it's cold outside. It's so cozy!

But let's get to the brushes. 
I haven't tried the pink ones yet, as I thought they'll be the same as the black ones, and also I'm gonna use them for something else you'll see on my channel soon! :)

But I've tried a few of the black ones, and they're actually surprisingly good! I did not except them to be. Even though it's synthetic  hairs they get the job done. They come in every single shape you could possibly imagine for eyeshadow, since there's 32 in the whole "belt". And they just look professionel too. I can't promise how long they'll last, but it won't be as long as a Mac brush of course.

I just think that if you're just starting out with makeup, or just need to cheap brushes, these would be a good alternative, instead of going out spending almost 50 pounds on some brushes, and you'll only get half of how many there's here.

Here's the link to everything:

Pink Makeup Brushes:

Black Makeup Brushes:

Cute Hooded Cardigan:

A video review will also be up soon, and I'm gonna link it here.


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