Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tattoos, Lipstick, Lipliners etc.| BornPrettyStore Review

I thought I would do a small blogpost review of some items I got from

They are already featured in tomorrows video (30. Jan. '15) but it's not that detailed.

I was contacted again a few months ago by bornprettystore as I have already made another review from them a while ago, which is also where some of my most used makeup brushes is from, and since I love them I thought I would try out some more things from them.

I gotta say the quality of their products have improved since last time! So they're even better now than then.

I was surprised of the packaging of the products even though its not really what should count, but I really like it and it looked a bit more special than normal cheap Chinese products.

The lipstick and lipliners are so pigmented and truly stay on the lips for a long time!
The highlighter is so subtle but beautiful, and can also be used for so many other things! I came in another color also, but I think this was the best for highlighting.

And the tattoos are okay. They do not stay on for the longest while, but they look good I personally think. And I love their designs! So if you just wanna dress up with them for a few hours, then go for it. But don't think they'll be pretty after 12 hours.

BornPrettyStore Tattoos:

BornPrettyStore Highlighter:

BornPrettyStore Lipliners

BornPrettyStore Lipstick:

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