Saturday, 21 February 2015

Big Lips - Kylie Jenner Lips

It might be one of the most talked about subjects last year (and this year) if Kylie Jenner have had lip injections. I personally deny it, and here's why.

We've seen her "without" makeup, which makes people 100% sure that its fake, and yeah it is fake. But it's not injections. It would look so different if she's had injections but this looks more natural. That's why I'm more sure that she uses a lip plumper to make her lips bigger + a lot of lip liner, which I've also proven a bit in one of my tutorials which I'll link to here.

But I recently ordered a lip plumper over Ebay which sucks your lips, and sucks all the blood out into the lips which makes them bigger. If you try that out + lipliner done right, you'll get really close to Kylies lips! Of course not exactly, as we all have different lips but really close! 

I am so tired of people arguing over Kylie and everything she does, so I just wanted to set at least one thing straight, its not injections or botox. She's 17 come on.. And makeup is a wonderful thing. 


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