Sunday, 1 March 2015

Fitbay - Discover Clothes That Fit | App

A few months ago I read a post somewhere about Fitbay. I read it and got the app, signed up and didn't really understand much of it so I kinda forgot about it.
A while after I got contacted by the company so I had to figure out a bit more about the app of course, and it turns out it's actually a amazing app if you have problems finding clothes that fit your body type, which a lot of girls have trouble with.

What it does it simply recommending and you can yourself find girls with same bodytype as you. All you have to do is sign up, choose how your body looks and it'll recommend a few body doubles. You can then like items you want to buy (or just like) and you can upload your own pictures of clothing you have and find them on the internet directly through the app, to show your body doubles who are following you, what you think fits your body really great, and what doesn't.

It's kinda addictive and you can easily use hours on it, so be careful haha!

You can follow me on there too!:
And here's a link for the website:


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