Monday, 16 March 2015

Blush, Palette & Lashes | BornPrettyStore Review

Here I am again writing a review.. I gotta stop saying yes to so many companies haha I'm sorry. But I did say yes this time because I've had some quite okay experiences from BornPrettyStore, which was also the first company ever to contact me I think. But ever since then, they're products have gotten better and better! Even though its still some cheap things.
I picked out 3 items this time, an eyeshadow palette with some kinda natural, but not all natural colors, a pink blush, and some gorgeous fake lashes!

I did some swaps to show off the colors without primer so it'll obviously give more color if you use them with a primer. As for the blush I think it's a pretty pink color, not too bright, which is perfect! I'm not sure how long it'll stay on though. It could be 1 min, or it could be 12 hours. But what blushes stay on for that long?

I haven't tested the lashes yet, but I'll make sure to wear them in my video about the products. (Which is coming up soon)

All in all, I'm pretty happy with the products, and the price is too cheap to even care for!

I also have a coupon code with 10% off: BSK31

I'll leave the links to each product here:

Eyeshadow palette
Blush in color #4
False Lashes


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