Wednesday, 6 August 2014

New In | Zoeva Makeup Brushes & Zara Shirt

Finally got my two packages! But I don't have anymore money for the rest of them month though..
I've ordered the Zoeva brushes as I've heard Zoella (Zoe Sugg) talk about them and show them in her videos, and I just fell in love with them! Just the fact that they're rose gold AND amazing quality! + when you buy them you actually get a really cool makeup purse or clutch, or whatever you wanna use it for, with it! What more can you ask for?! They are kinda expensive though, but I think that it's a fair price because you get 8 brushes, and they're good quality, and will probably last for almost the rest of my life.. If you take good care of them of course.

The price for the rose gold is 48 EUR, and then comes the shipping with changes from where you live I think.
It's a German company and they're actually really cool! Just all the details, and as they wrote themselves that "they feel responsible for women that suffers from abuse and hair loss because of chemotherapy" and wants to make all women feel beautiful, I just feel like they're even better than just a normal makeup company.

I am definitely going to buy more from their website when I get some money again, because I know it's good quality now! :)

Also, you might wonder why there's a picture of Eleanor Calder? Well, I bought a shirt on Ebay that looks really close to the one she's wearing here, mine is just from Zara and has some stones on the edge just above the boobs.. or what I am supposed to call it haha. I would have put up pictures of mine, but it was so curly and didn't look very good before it's been washed or ironed. So I thought it might be better with just this picture! :)

Can't remember the price, but around 20€. I often buy things off Ebay from auctions or just companies. They actually have some pretty good and cheap stuff!


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