Saturday, 16 August 2014

DIY Ombre Hair (Extensions)

Since I've gone short and back to my ombre, I kinda missed having long hair.. Or actually I've almost always wished that! But a few years ago I bought these extensions, then changed my hair color to blonde and lots of other things so I didn't really need them anymore and I sold them to my best friend because her hair color matched perfectly, but then a few days ago I got to buy them back because my friend has growed out long beautiful hair and doesn't need these anymore.. And if I was going to use them, they had to match my hair color of course, or else it looked prettyyyyy damn stupid! :)

What I did:
I bought a pack of ombre from L'oréal, which you can get in 3 different blondes, or a red. I picked the darkest blonde because I thought that would match my real ombre best (It could have been a bit lighter but it doesn't really matter)

What I did was just lay out all the extensions each my each and then just start from where I wanted the ombre to be, and just brush the bleach through with the small brush that follows in the package. It then says on the package to leave for 25-45 minutes, even though they didn't pick it up as fast as normally I think, so it took me around an hour. (It does also say on the package it shouldn't be used for more than 45 minutes, but I think it might be different with extensions? Don't know, but there didn't happen anything special, they just got bleached a tiny bit more I think.

I then washed it out, used my Kiehls Shampoo and a purple color bomb because I thought I would try to make the color a bit cooler, which didn't even make a difference at all haha :) I then brushed it through at layed it out to air dry over night piece by piece (not in the clump as in the picture) 
And this morning it looked like the last pictures! :) 

I would recommend if you're doing blonde ombre, buy a pair of blonde extensions and color the top with brown color instead. It won't damage the hair as much! 

Here's pictures of everything :) 

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