Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Natural Hair Mask and Face Scrub | With Things From The Kitchen

Hi everyone!
These last days I have been trying out a few natural things since I'm trying to take care of myself, especially my hair because it's terrible and really damaged, and I really don't want to cut it all off.
So I googled on the internet some easy hair masks that you can do at home, and I came across one that includes using just 3 things that I'm sure we all have in our kitchen!
It's a hair mask that makes your hair really soft, but also it has lots of nutrients.

The ingredients is:

  • Olive Oil
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • Honey
Every ingredient does something different for your hair. 
I  just mixed it all in a bowl and put it in my hair from root to end, and then used a showercap. 
I couldn't figure out how long you were supposed to have it in since it changed from website to website, some places they said 90 minutes, then other places 15 minutes. So I had it in for a bit over 15 minutes. 

When I washed it out my hair felt so incredibly soft, especially at the top, as it isn't as damaged as the tips of my hair, so if you have kinda healthy hair all over, you're gonna have amazing hair after using this!

For the facial 'scrub'
My best friend actually teached me this, as she learned it from the internet too (what would we do without internet). I have checked it out too and found that there is lots of different ways to do this, but the way we do it might be the easiest. It is kinda a facial scrub, that scrubs off death skin and stuff, but also gives c-vitamin to the skin and lots of other good things.

  • Lemon (juice)
  • Sea Salt
That's it! Just put the salt on a cottonball and add lemon juice after, then just gently scrub it around your face avoiding eye and lip area. You can do this when you want, or you can do it every night. I promise you, you'll see a difference on your skin!
Please make sure you're not allergic or your skin is too sensitive, before trying this on your whole face!

Also, dont use it too often and be sure to have washed it all of before going out in the sun, as it can be very damaging for your skin. Sleeping with it is the best solution! :) 

I hope you'll try at least one of these methods! :D 


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