Saturday, 30 August 2014

Fall Beauty Products | Makeup

Since I chose to make a post about fall fashion and stuff, I feel like I needed to do one about the makeup too and skin products - which will be up next time! I don't think the fall makeup trends have changed since last year, so I'm kinda sticking to the same trends.

In the summer you don't want layers and layers of makeup on, because you'll just sweat it off, but now that it's getting colder, you can choose to have whatever makeup you want on. I personally like to use a not too thick foundation and pressed powder but it's up to you, that's why I didn't include any of that in the image above. 

I did include a blush and bronzer. I recommend changing to bit darker tones even though you might get paler in the fall/winter. I found this blush from Gorgeous Cosmetics on polyvore, and I actually really like the color of it. It's called Peach Glow and that's exactly what the color is. I can only imagine how great it'll look on! It will make you keep a glow to the face, just like you have in summer. 

As for the bronzer I'm not completely sure if you should go darker or lighter with the color, because it may look kinda dumb if you're really pale, and wearing a dark bronzer, so please just keep it after your skin tone if. Just pick whatever looks best on you. 

For the lips, we all know that dark lipsticks are the ultimative fall trend. I personally love dark lipsticks and have a few myself. I would recommend lipsticks from Topshop if you're on a budget, but you can find something much more pricy if you want! H&M actually also makes some okay lipsticks. I picked these 3 from Topshop to show you, and just give an example of what I mean with dark lipsticks. Also you don't need to go all dark, it could also just be a gorgeous red color! Just go bold if you dare! :D

What I love most about fall and winter, is the color of my nails! Fall colors are already my favorites, like burgundy, black and dark colors like that. My favorite nail polish is actually a berry color from Gosh, and Tanya Burr's "New York Night". I think it's an amazing color, and so fall'ish! And of course matte nail polish rocks!

For the eyes I personally just like to have a matte brown eyeshadow look, and I think the Naked Palette 2 has some great colors for that! You can also buy some small cheaper palettes from like Maybelline or something, but I love Urban Decay's eyeshadows! Of course, everything is up to you! haha :)


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