Friday, 29 August 2014

Sweater Weather Doesn't Mean You Have to Wear Sweaters

Yaay! It's finally (almost) boot and sweater season! Which is my favorite fashion time of the year, mostly because of the colors but also because I love boots, and cozy clothes! 

The leaves are soon gonna fall off the tree's and and rain might fall a few times, but it doesn't really matter, because it's gonna look beautiful! Just like we're all gonna do as our new fall wardrobe comes out! 

I made 4 different outfits on polyvore featuring some of my fave fall pieces (forgot the flannels, and shirts though) but a pair of nice tight black jeans, boots, sweaters, kimonos, tank tops, leather jackets, collars and cool jewellery, and of course a pair of sunglasses because the sun might not shine everyday, but you gotta look cool even when it doesn't :)

- I think that, if you are looking for a great pair of boots, I would obviously recommend spending your money on a good pair of quality boots as Doc Martens. They might be a bit expensive, but they're also gonna be your best friends for a lot of years + you can even use them all year 'round! I bought mine last year I think, and I have loved them sooo much! Best investment ever!

Also I think hats are really cool this year! You may or may not have bought one this summer, as we have seen lots of people using them this summer I think. I actually bought one from H&M the other day really cheap, and it looks amazing! I'm sure that they're gonna be used just as much for fall as people did in summer, if not, I don't care because I will use it no matter what! (Unless it's very windy)

Kimono's are also very in' this year, especially kimono's with flower print. When I were in Crete earlier this year, I found the most amazing long kimono I have ever seen, but I wasn't able to buy it, and the clothing store was called something stupid like "online clothing" or something (can't remember) so I wasn't even able to google it either! - I have tried though. But you can get these kimonos almost everywhere now, so it shouldn't be a problem to find one just as pretty.

Last but not least... Collars... Just as last year I am definitely  going to layer up with a collared shirt and a sweater on top. I think it looks so amazing, especially peter pan collars! It's the best way to dress up a normal boring sweater!

And leather jackets! I am still looking for the perfect leather jacket, and haven't had any luck! But I hope that I'll find one this year, or I'll just keep using my cowboy jacket instead.. If you know where they sell great quality, not too expensive and cool leather jackets, PLEASE let me know! :D
Thank you! 


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